About Us

Trader Caps originated when a friend of mine and I wanted to cheer on our favorite index, the NASDAQ to all time highs, but couldn’t find any stylish hats to help us do this.

We started by designing our favorite NASDAQ 35,000 with a rocket hat, but soon realized that there is a real lack of stock market hats available whether for the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500 or otherwise.

Acknowledging there has got to be others like us out there that are looking for a stylish cap to cheer on their favorite market index, I got to work and put together designs for a number of different market indexes and thus Trader Caps was created.

If you’re looking for a market index hat or stock market hat of a certain design, we’d love to hear about it because chances are you’re not alone and we would be happy to launch a new design for you and the others like you.

Three things matter most to us about our Trader Caps:

  1. We want to rep our favorite market index
  2. We want a stylish hat to rep said favorite market index
  3. We want a high quality hat both in design & materials

For this reason we ensure our Trader Caps are made with the highest thread count 3D embroidering for text and images that quite literally pop right off the cap for the best look possible.

These aren't like other hats you'll find online or in the dollar store with ink based printing or flat, uninspiring embroidery.

Trader Caps are also made here in the USA and ship domestically direct to you.

Support your market cap today!

Thanks for reading :-)